Our photo and video upload system is intended for community friendly images or content that would be deemed appropriate for people of all ages.

If you're wanting to submit a news tip with a photo, please use this link:

If this in not a News Tip, you can upload your community friendly photos or videos by clicking on the Category. Fill in the required information. Browse to find the photo or video on your computer hard drive or mobile device. Click to agree to our Terms of Use and Submit.

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What is SNAP?
SNAP! is an online community bulletin board for Central Texans to pin up their favorite photos (and videos).

How can I add my photos and videos to SNAP!?

    To upload your photos or videos:
  1. Select a category.
  2. Click on the “Submit a Photo or Video” Link.
  3. Select an applicable category for your submission.
  4. Select an applicable photo album for your submission.
  5. Fill in the required information.
  6. Click on the “Browse” button to search for images or videos on your computer.
  7. Be sure to click on the “I Agree” checkbox before you submit your photo.

Will it cost me anything to post my pictures or video on SNAP!?
No. News 10 does not charge a membership fee to use SNAP! You must however agree to the Terms of Service before you submit anything to SNAP!.

How soon will my photo or video appear on SNAP! after I've submitted it?
News 10 staff members periodically check for submissions of new photos and videos and will either approve them “as is”, move them to another category or reject them.

Why was my photo or video moved to another category?
News 10 has several categories to choose from when you post an image or video. The News 10 staff member likely felt your submission was better suited in another category.

I just commented on a photo. Where is my comment?
Like photos and videos, comments have to be approved by a member of the News 10 staff.

Why was my photo or video rejected?
Your picture may not have met the News 10 guidelines of approval. Please review the Terms of Service. Images or videos that are subject to copyright laws or contain nudity in any form will not be approved.

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